Welcome to Zain (R.E) India

Zain (R.E) India, based out of the historic and pearl city of Hyderabad, has been established to answer the ever growing energy crises faced by millions of domestic household citizens, farmers, Institutions and Businesses, including Government Agencies.

Zain (R.E) India, primarily, has plans to provide affordable independent, “Roof Top”, Off Grid Solar and Wind green energy generation solutions at very competitive market rates making it as a complete alternative to the energy provided by the traditional energy sources such as Thermal and Hydro.

Why go for (Renewable Energy (R.E.)) Solar or Wind Energy?

arrow To get relieved from the trauma of official and un-official power cuts on daily basis
arrow To get relieved from the ever raising power tariff’s by the government
arrow To lessen the burden of fund crunching governments from the regime of “Subsidies”
arrow Putting the sun to work reduces the amount of coal and nuclear energy needed to power your home which helps preserve the earth’s supply of non-renewable resources.
arrow To use those resources that come to us “FREE” of cost from Mother Nature. Have you ever heard or seen people paying bills for using solar and wind energy generated from their roof tops?
arrow Dramatically reduce your electricity bill, effectively lock in electrical costs and avoid escalating utility expenses.
arrow In future, as a good business option, based upon the respective government policies, you can also sell extra generated power to the electricity boards / distribution agencies. This is happening across the globe and also started in India.
arrow Studies show that solar / wind energy systems can increase your home value by 20 times the annual electricity savings.
arrow In addition, homes with solar/ wind energy systems tend to sell faster than homes without solar wind energy systems-15% faster by some studies.