1. Where is Zain (R.E) India located?

Zain (RE) India is located in the historic city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India and can be contacted at:

Cell Nos. : +91-98852 44108
E-mail Id’s :,

2. What does R.E means?

RE is an abbreviated word for Renewable Energy. Sources for renewable energy are Solar, Wind, etc. Renewable Energy is also sometimes termed as Alternate Energy or Alternative Energy. Solar and Wind energy are also known as Green and Clean sources of energy as they do not harm the environment, living beings and planet earth.

3. How do we generate power or energy from sun or air?

Energy or power from sun or air is generated through solar panels and wind turbines. This energy generated is then stored in the batteries. Higher capacity of battery saves more of energy, an advantage that is provided by Zain (RE) only. An inverter, which is attached to the batteries, passes this stored energy to your regular and existing electrical lines at home or office for your convenient usage.

4. Is it safe to use solar panels and wind turbines for residential purpose? Do the solar panels emit any harmful radiations or do the wind turbines have potential to fall down and cause harm?

It is extremely safe to use these products for residential, industrial, office or farming purposes until they adhere to certain international quality standards. Please make sure that you check these quality standard certifications from your dealer.

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are installed as per the specified installation norms that are high on safety standards and hence they do not cause any harm or have any threat to fall down.

5. No, No, No – Absolutely no. I have heard that Solar or Wind energy sources are very costly and are not affordable. Hence I do not recommend for them?

Nonsense – Solar and Wind energy are not costly for whosoever had told you. The one time investment, for the entire life, looks costly but you recover back that investment in the next 3 – 5 years itself. What else, from then onwards your usage of the power is free of cost.

Consider this example: The cost of one unit that you pay to the Government is, say, Rs.5/- per unit (kwph) consumed and on average you have consumed, say, 300 units (kwph) per month. Your monthly bill would be approximately around, say, Rs.1,200/- to Rs.1,500/- per month and Rs. 14,400/- to 18,000/- per annum. And for the next five years you pay Rs. 72,000/- to Rs. 90,000/- and for 10 years it is 1,44,000/- to 1,80,000/-.

Now that you have decided to purchase and install a 500 watts solar panel for your house, It may cost you approximately, say, Rs.70,000/- and need not pay anything for using the solar energy as it is free of cost. The investment of Rs.70,000/- is recovered back in the form of current bills (that you have been paying to the government till now) in the next 5 years itself. And then onwards it is an extended peace of mind for the rest of the life. No more power cuts, no more bill payments. Save huge money for your luxuries and to take care of the needs of your children.

With respect to affordability, Zain (R.E) is the only firm in India that has made R.E. quite affordable and within reach for anyone who desires to own it. Make sure that you ask for the easy finance options also available to you, in case you need it. Click here for more details.

6. What is the monthly electricity bill that is generated through solar or wind sources and how do I pay it?

Since solar or wind energy is generated from your roof top (off grid system), you need not pay any electricity bill. It is free of cost. You can use whatever you have generated as per your requirements from these sources without any restrictions.

7. An inverter or a generator is more affordable and easy to handle than the R.E?

Absolutely true. But again an inverter depends upon and consumes electricity for charging its batteries which results in only increasing your monthly electricity bill. How will you charge your batteries, when you have long hours of official and non-official power cuts?

With regards to generators, it is known to all that fuel costs are increasing rapidly and dependency upon diesel for these generators is eating away your pockets.

8. Do I need to take any municipal authority permission or any kind of permission from any other concerned authority?

No, you need not have to take any permission from any authorities to install these products and use them.

9. Why is the government facing power crises?

Our energy sources largely depend upon Thermal (coal) and Hydro (water) power. As these two main sources of energy are fast depleting away, the government is not in a position to cater to the ever growing power / energy needs of the citizens and businesses. Nuclear energy is cheaper compared to thermal and Hydro power, but it also has its own fears in view of its safety standards in case of natural calamities and it also takes long gestation period to generate energy and bring it to lighten up your home / office. Who can ever forget the tragedy and loss by nuclear reactors due to earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. Can you?

10. How is the government trying to come out of these power crises?

With no other option left, government is now moving at a snail speed to tap energy from the natural resources and waste. The sources identified are solar (sun), wind, biogas, etc. The government has taken initiative to address these ever increasing energy demands by creating a separate ministry – Ministry for New and Renewable Energy ( The broad aim of the ministry is to develop and deploy new and renewable energy sources to supplement the energy requirement of India. The government is encouraging local manufacturers as well as individuals / institutions / firms etc to import the same from various countries. China has proved to be a major manufacturer in the world for world class quality R.E products apart from manufacturing stitching needles, noodles, erasers, pencils, mobile phones, laptops, and anything that you are using in your daily life.

11. Is government providing subsidies for using such energy sources? If yes, how much is the subsidy?

Yes, government provides subsidies for purchasing such new and renewable energy sources. Depending upon your eligibility, you can avail 20% – 50% of subsidy on your product.

Zain (R.E) products are available with costs that are even lesser than the subsidy provided by the government. For more details please click here.

12. Am I eligible for these subsidies provided by the government?

Yes, depending upon your eligibility, you can avail 20% – 50% of subsidy on your product.

13. Power consumption is calculated in Kilowatts per hour (Kwph). What is this exactly?

Every electrical appliance that you use has some wattage of power to consume. 1000 watts is equal to 1 kilo watt. The usage of any electrical appliance for the no. of hours in a day is calculated as kilo watts per hour (which are also referred as units consumed).

In our electrical bills, we see that we have consumed 200 or 350 units per month and need to pay the amount accordingly. These units consumed are nothing but kilo watts per hour that have been used / consumed you.

14. How much of Kwph do I need for my house of 2BHK?

Normally a 2 bhk house that has commonly used appliances such as a TV, Refrigerator, Fans, Tube Lights and Iron box will consume approximately 10 – 12 kwph or units per day. In a month it is approximately 300 – 360 kwph or units per month.

15. I use LED TV, Refrigerator, Fans, Tube Lights, Oven, Rice Cooker, Iron box, Washing Machine and Geysers at home. In such a case what would be my consumption and what is the RE solution?

The daily approximate consumption for the above mentioned appliances would be 12 to 16 kwph. The RE solution would be to have approximately 6kw’s product (solar panel or wind turbine or combined) to meet all your daily power needs without any interruption.

The cost of such a product available in the Indian market would be approximately Rs.10 – 15 lacs with subsidy from government. Zain (R.E) makes your life easier with affordable costs less than Rs.8 lacs for the same products. What more, you will be ushered with flexible interest free finance options, freebies, surprise gifts etc. on every purchase.

16. Oh! This seems to be a big investment, gaining nothing? I would rather prefer to deposit the same in a bank or loan it to needy and get good returns on it.

Your idea of depositing the amount (as an investment) or provide a loan to the needy is highly appreciated. No doubt they give good returns on your investment. But unfortunately it never provides electricity to you when the power goes off? Please understand that Solar / Wind Energy is a best alternative to your power crises and not to be viewed as just an investment option.

17. Do I need a separate electrical wiring for using solar or wind energy?

No, you need not have a separate electrical wiring. Cables are a part of the entire product and the same will be used with your existing electrical wiring system.

18. What is the rewiring cost involved for using solar or wind energy?

Rewiring cost is involved only if your existing wiring system has any damages or unknown faults. Otherwise, you need not have a separate rewiring process. Cables are a part of the entire product and the same will be used with your existing electrical wiring system.

19. How much of time will it take to install the product once I place an order?

It will take approximately 20 to 30 days to procure from the market, deliver and install the product.

20. Is there any EMI facility? If yes, what is the interest rate calculated to pay the EMI and also what is the extra financial burden per month in such a scenario?

Yes, keeping in mind the affordability and the interest of the customer, Zain (RE) has devised various interest free finance options that can be repaid back in 3 months to 3 years. Nominal administrative charges are applicable. Please contact us at 98852 44108 to explain you these facilities.

21. What are the warranties and guarantees on the products that I order?

Normally either a solar system or a wind system will have the 3 main items, i.e. the solar panel or wind turbine to generate energy, a battery to save the generated energy and an inverter to convert this energy for your daily usage. All these three items are covered under warranties by respective manufacturers for a period of 1 year to 5 years.

22. What is the maintenance and care that I have to take for these products?

Almost nothing for the next 2 to 5 years. Only major maintenance is on battery for replacing the saline water once in 3 – 5 years. Apart from this, AMC is also provided for the products that you purchase.

23. What is the after sales service that is provided by Zain (R.E)?

Zain (R.E) provides a comprehensive After Sales Service with 1st year free AMC on your solar panel, wind turbine, battery and inverter. Apart from this a dedicated Customer Care service is available to handle all your concerns with an even more dedicated team of Service Engineers.

24. How to get more knowledge on Renewable Energy and your products?

To gain more knowledge or information on Renewable Energy you may surf the internet search engine – or go through relevant text material available easily in the market. With regards to our products, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

25. One final question is what is the difference between Zain (R.E) India and other suppliers. Why should Zain (R.E) be preferred to others?

The difference between Zain (R.E) and others is simple but too big. Zain (R.E) India is not a manufacturer, nor a distributor / supplier for any single brand. We procure multiple brands from various domestic and international manufacturers through rigorous process of negotiations with competitive pricing that makes the product more affordable to any customer making it a win-win situation for both the customer as well as the manufacturer. Neither is the quality of the product compromised during such price negotiations.

Let us look at another situation with an example that makes a huge difference between Zain (R.E) and others. This is also another reason why Zain (R.E) should be preferred.

Almost all manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc in India sell their product to customers based on the output from their product. Say, a product of 200 watts solar panel gives an output of 1 kwpd (kilo watts per day) of power which will cost you from Rs. 1.75 Lacs to Rs. 3 Lacs. Such huge pricing discourages the customer to opt renewable energy.

Zain (R.E) believes in reverse pricing. All our costing is done on products and not its output. From the above example, the 200 watts product will cost about Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 55,000/-, including the batteries, inverters, cable wires etc. We do not believe in selling the output. This strategy makes Zain (R.E) the only firm in India to make renewable energy more affordable to any common man with special features such as Easy EMI’s, Green Gifts with every purchase, Discounts on cash down payments.

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