Zain [R.E] India based out of the historic and Pearl City of Hyderabad had been established to answer the ever growing energy crises faced by millions of domestic household citizens, farmers, Institutions and Businesses.

With the growing demand of energy by the consumers, and the respective governments having very limited means to provide the same with high cost, the citizens, including the farmers and industries, now face acute shortage of power, not only to run the daily routine at homes, but also effecting to raise crops and bringing negative productivity across industries resulting in adverse economy of the nation.

It is also observed that, inverters and generators, that have been accepted as a good alternative are facing critical problems as inverters again largely depend upon the regular power (for recharging) and the fuel (diesel, petrol and gas) getting costlier day by day to run the generators. Hence, the only option, otherwise, left is to use the Renewable Energy Sources that is Green and Clean and comes to you free of cost from the Mother Nature in the form of warm sun.



Practically, to be a leading Solar Energy Solution Provider and make it as a complete alternative source of energy; further contributing towards reduction of carbon emissions and making planet earth a safe place to live for the present and future generations.





To source and procure products from domestic and global manufacturers who strictly adhere to the Domestic and International Quality Standards and Certifications and pass on the benefits to the end user.

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